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Building a house is a complex process of creating, curating and managing countless parts of what becomes a unique entity. From the creative process of conception, to the final whisking of the dust, there is peace of mind provided to you by the services we offer. Acting as a direct agent to the principal, we offer professional expertise and guidance in construction field that comes from our extensive experience. Streamlining the process we provide a clear understanding at all points during the process, whilst alleviating the work load of monitoring every detail. 



As your advocate for success, the benefits of having an Owner's Representative are rooted in the following intertwined fields.
•  Reduce client work load
•  Expedite project schedule
•  Establish and maintain budgets
•  Eliminate cost over-runs
•  Verify design and specifications are met
•  Ensure corners are not cut



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We’ve broken down the process to 3 major stages. Each of these stages are equally important and consist of multitude of components that cannot be overlooked.


This stage carries the importance of setting the course of the project and includes establishing key elements that will dictate the success of the project. Locating and selecting the right property, assembly of the project team, developing the concept and establishing of the budget are all included in this stage.


Throughout the course of construction we provide continuous oversight of construction, ensuring project specifications are followed, schedules are met, and budgets stay on track. Often the lengthiest stage of the project, this portion requires considerable time spent onsite coordinating meetings with contractors, architects, designers, and owners, as well as preparing detailed reports of observations and punch-list items.


The final stage is often the most stressful as the last details are coming together and the end product is starting to emerge.  Project commissioning, follow through of punch list, compiling all project  documentation and completing all accounting of project finances round out the project. These final details are the ones that show and elevate the project to a level above the competition. 

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